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My Izzle Has Fizzled


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Is it Monday already? Oh crap it's Friday! One of those weeks that went by too fast with too much to do and too little time to do it. One of those weeks were I've gotten too many paper cuts and don't feel like I've touched enough paper to deserve it. Of course those 36" wide sheets of paper make a nice nifty cut. Well, since it's Friday let's cut to the chase and get to some fun stuff I didn't get to during the week.

Bush says Dick is a killer. If that isn't one of the better political inspired titles, then please let me know. The works of George W Bush never cease to amaze me.

Anyone up for a sausage flavored banana? Obviously, the Chiquita people want to take bananas to the next level:

...trying to change the entire banana experience from a mundane category to one of excitement and adventure...

This could be a sign that you are not a good driver. Maybe she was rocking out to Modest Mouse's Float On and tried to float on.

Alright Jesse, 1980 fashion versus 2004 fashion. Who wins?

Looks like 2004 is no longer the year of the izzle. Not like the monkey was worried.

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Jesse Thompson said:

Interesting. I never new George W was a T-shirt model. The rollerskater girl is cute, and I had one of those dorky steeler shirts when I was 5 or so :)

Otherwise, aside from comparing JC to BR, I think we'll be able to pull out your BR and make fun of the aughts in a few decades :)