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Obviously my posting on here was on strike until the Big Daddy made his move, but who would have thunk last year at this point Shaq would be traded to the Heat? Kobe is now deciding between the Lakers and Clippers [update: Lakers it is]. For even better odds, who would have bet a year ago that the Lakers would lose the playoffs with Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton and at the end of the season , Phil Jackson would leave, Shaq would be traded and Kobe would (almost) leave as well? Good odds my friend.

Big money. Big risks. It's, the World Series... of... poker? I had never watched a poker tournament like this, until a week ago when I was bored and turned on ESPN. The 2003 World Series of Poker was on. I figured it would be kind of goofy like the Celebrity Poker show on Bravo. The World Series of Poker is somewhat serious and somewhat funny. Everyone wears sunglasses, except when it's time to STARE and I mean STARE at the other player to try and call a bluff. It's like they try to make the other guy laugh. Every player gets a profile, where they have them against a black background and the camera spins around with different angles, kind of like baseball and basketball player profiles. I don't know how many of their names are real, but with a name like Chris Moneymaker, you know you are going to win.

I was watching Chappelles Show and saw his skit on the World Series of Dice before I ever saw the real poker show. Grits 'N' Gravy, Leonard Washington... it was funny as hell, but the World Series of Poker is just about as good.

My name's Leonard Washington. Where I'm from? A little town called None Of Your Goddamn Business.

This isn't something new as I've seen, but it's never really been mainstream until lately. I'm probably not going to watch it that closely, but as the September 14 finale comes closer, I'll definitely tune in more.

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