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Could An Ad Agency Sell Their Soul To You? Maybe They Already Have



Underground marketing is something that really makes sense to me, but is it fair to consumers? Once again 60 Minutes had a story that gave me something to think about (or either I'm at a loss to come up with my own topics). If you don't know or really care about marketing in general, you probably do not realize it's being done to you without you being aware of it. Don't watch tv, listen to the radio or read magazines? Doesn't matter, they are still going to get you.

Have you ever been at a tourist attraction and someone asks you to take his or her picture? Camera phone and camera companies have used this method to put the product into a potential buyers hands and let them play with it, while saying stuff like, 'yeah, that's my cool my phone, camera, whatever'. While someone might think they are getting a real unbiased opinion on something, they are really getting something completely the opposite. It might seem like a fair tactic, but is it?

No one is overtly trying to sell you anything, only trying to get you to want it, and then, of course, buy it and tell your friends about it. It’s not a soft sell or a hard sell. It’s a secret sell.

Now, if Steve Jobs wants to send me an iPod mini, I'll have a real-life precious moment. Will anyone I know be secretly marketed too? Your Damn right. So, why do this companies hire these agencies to do this? That's what makes no sense to me. Find some popular blogs and give them their products. If the product is good, no one will be lied to. Everyone will be all warm and fuzzy and honest real word-of-mouth advertising is getting out there. Why don't these companies do this (or do they already and we don't know it) ? The advertising agencies know how to sell and they know how to sell themselves.

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