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2004 Deschutes County Fair Photography Entries


orange pig

Since there was such great demand (okay one request), here are my 2004 Deschutes County Fair Photography Entries [dial-up users beware 3.4mb of pictures] . I had 39 photo exhibits (the bridge photos were part of a series entry). 17 of these had ribbons, 9 blue and 8 red. Most of the B/W shots received ribbons. These don't reflect the matting, but they were all 5x7 photos, on matte photopaper. The judges for the exhibit were a fan of glossy prints that had sharp focus, so that probably didn't help most of my color shots, that had a soft focus.

There's 11 pieces of art that I'll see if I can scan and show off on here as well. Forthcoming.

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Jake said:

Very nice work, man! Those are some great photos!

DeAnn said:

One request is totally high demand! That's what I always consider it in my blogging life anyway!