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Why blog? While there are many out there who do have blogs and understand them, there are many people who haven't a clue what the term blog even means. Should you know what they are if you have little to do with the internet? Are blogs more than people simply writing about their lives? Can blogs influence business and help businesses? Lot's of questions that I think people are getting information on, but can they really get it from one source?

First of all, just because you find it on the internet, don't make it true. With that said, can you trust, or should you trust, what you read on people's blogs? There's very little chance that you'll ever have to prove what you write about. Sometimes people go too far, but on most subjects a little white lie here or there is probably pretty common, or maybe you are getting the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I certainly never write about anything that isn't true. Believe me.

Speaking of the truth, politicians never lie. President George W. Bush has a blog and so does John Kerry. Those are more of organizational blogs, rather than how a personal George W Bush blog would be. Howard Dean mostly got his political effort started through his blog. Corporate blogs are popping up a lot more lately, but are they offering something, or just jumping on the bandwagon? If you've read any magazine, newspaper, or watched coverage of the Democratic National Convention, you'd be aware that blogs are in the news. Everyone has stories to tell, and everyone's stories are worth telling.

The word out there seems to be, if you have content, get a blog. In the business end, more companies are reaching customers through blogs [448k pdf]. While the corporate blog can be very biased, all blogs in the end are highly opinionated, but if your site gets lot of traffic and links, your opinions can easily influence more than a couple of people. How? By influencing search engines. If a personal site can get a higher page ranking about a business in Google than a legitimate business, then businesses need to either embrace the blog or fear it for a reason.

This could go on and on, but in the end, should you care about blogs and should they matter? If you have a business and have poor customer service or bad products, check out how many times you are mentioned negatively on blogs. When those results show up in a search, then you are in trouble. One small voice on the soapbox, can take a new meaning when thousands of people link to the page. Adversely, if you get positive word of mouth on people's blogs it could help you, but if it's not real then it's just as phony as a $3 bill.

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