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The Packrat Effect



There's the old family joke with my relatives that no one with our last name has a garage that holds a car. The garage is more of the storage vault of stuff and when I mean stuff I mean lots and lots of stuff: old furniture, clothes, boxes of college stuff, books, old computers, and anything that doesn't seem to fit in the actual house. There was a short period of moving into my house that we actually did put the car in the garage, but not long after a year or so of this bliss, the car no longer found the garage its home. Normally this isn't a big deal, sure the car doesn't fit and in the wintertime that can be a bummer, but in the summer it doesn't matter. Except for this summer, where in two days we are having a gas line installed for a new gas woodstove and water heater.

We'll need access to the circuit panel and the areas to run the line from the meter to the water heater and space above.

For most people, this is not a big deal. Move a few boxes and push the fake Christmas tree aside. For me it involves a massive all out assault on the massive stacks of stuff that has to be moved from along the wall to the center of the garage, where there was already a lot of stuff. The end result is sort of an elongated borg cube of densely packed stuff. It's seriously scary how much there is. I could fill a pretty large U-Haul truck with just stuff from the garage. Basically things that I don't use very often or that I don't know what to do with them. That's not a good thing. Why have SOOOOOOO much stuff? If we had a fire and it all burned up, would I run out and replace it all? Probably not. So why to I have all this stuff?

Has the packrat effect truly cursed me for all eternity? Hopefully, the first step is admitting the problem. Hopefully the second step is having a garage sale this weekend to let someone else store my stuff. If the garage burns down, just know I moved onto step 5. Damn, it's great being an American with stuff!!!

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Jesse Thompson said:

Garage Sale, Garage Sale!
We should have one too, though I don't think we are as bad off as you're describing.. just about every american suffers from a mild form of this disorder.

DeAnn said:

Isn't that garage thing some type of "You might be a redneck..." joke? Maybe not, but it's some joke I've heard. Maybe it's just about the U.S. in general, and how we keep our junk in the garage and our $30,000 cars in the driveway. Crazy.

I want a garage sale, but I don't think I have enough stuff to sell.

Brad said:

E-bay! E-bay! E-bay!

Or get a house with a giant basement and store everything down there like my dad. You've seen it. I recently pulled a stereo out of there that I hadn't seen in 6 years.

monkeyinabox said:

eBay has been my best frienf for a while, but if you can't ship it easily, eBay doesn't work. I've got some desks, a hutch, a waterbed, a dresser, and bunch of stuff I probably need to GIVE away to get rid of. Guess what I get to do all day tomorrow? Getting ready to make $50.