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How Come People Who Buy At Garage Sales Have Nicer Cars Than I Do?


nice car

When someone pulls up in a Mercedes Benz SUV, you know they can afford your $2 brand new movies on video. Will they try and barter you down? You bet! Maybe that's how they drive those nice cars!

For being a vacation week, it sure didn't feel like one. Last year when I took my first real vacation, I joked that I would probably be in the office a few times and it wouldn't be much of a vacation. I was wrong last year, when I got to kick back and relax, go fishing, and have fun. This last week I knew I was going to have a not so relaxing week, with having to clean the garage and move tons of stuff to make room for the gas line being installed for our new wood stove and water heater. Then the idea of having a garage sale as well caused me to have to move lot's of stuff again to make room for selling unwanted stuff. Clearly not a good way to relax.

Even in the week while I was immersed in cleaning and moving stuff and more stuff, I got a couple of calls from work. Nothing big, really just a few loose ends on projects I had hoped to wrap up before being on vacation, but you know how things go. Those we no big deal, since I was at home anyway, looking for any excuse to take a break. On Wednesday I was driving in the car, with the radio on. My cell phone rang. Since talking on a cell phone and driving is such a good thing to do, I answered it. It was someone from work. Turns out the wife gave them my cell phone number. Errrrrr. There's nothing like driving to be a good time to how to explain how to restore files accidentally deleted from the server. Errrr. I got another call after explaining it the best I could and decided to pop by the office, since I was out driving anyway. Turns out I didn't really need to stop by, so I headed back home. After I was safely back home I got another call about the network being down. After 25 minute on the phone I figured something bad was actually going on. Turns out one of the network switches died.

The good news was that it basically croaked with most of the people already left for home. The bad news was I had to come up with a temporary solution to make the network functional by morning. At least when we moved into the new office I replaced all our old switches with a new 24 port one. We had an old 16 port one that was going to have to do the job. After playing the what can we live without game, the network was up and running (mostly) and new hardware was ordered. Back to my relaxing, clean up and move stuff vacation.

The actual garage sale was about as good as I expected. I used a plywood cutout of myself (decorated for a school project) to hold the typical cheesy cardboard garage sale sign. Every single person who stopped by said, "I love your sign". I retorted with, "I love your money". I sold CD-rom games from 1990, an Epson inkjet printer (without ink - I know, I know, that's evil). I gave away many odds and ends of computer parts, old keyboards (you know they are old when they don't have the windows key on them), and my old Astra SCSI scanner with a dead power adapter. Seriously, it was free, but I will be amazed if the guy who took it even has a SCSI port. We had one older lady who came into the garage and obviously couldn't see or hear to well and she started up a conversation with the life size cardboard Amy Grant we have (don't even ask why we have a life size cardboard Amy Grant, but we do).

The great part of a garage sale in a portion of your extremely packed garage (that you normally wouldn't even let people look into) is many people make comments like, "you have a lot of stuff". Really? I didn't know that. At least I have less stuff than before.

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Jesse Thompson said:

Did you make enough money from the stuff you sold to make this somewhat lucrative? Do you have enough raw materials to make this a weekly venture, where you can market "Chris' garage sales and stuff" and quit your job, maybe even get the garage emptied by retirement or your kids' retirement? Or is that a stretch? ;)

monkeyinabox said:

Probably not. It's sad to think of how much you paid for stuff and how little you sell it for. It's not so bad when it's tossed in the garage getting no use, but good stuff doesn't resell very well.