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Today's Episode Of: You Make The Call!



Today's episode of You Make The Call is brought to you by Taco Bell (home of the 50 cent can of refried beans sold to you for 99 cents in a nasty tortilla).

Background: In the previous summer, I won a Weber grill in a radio contest. After sitting in my garage for just over one year, I decided that I needed to sell it in order to reduce the amount of stuff I have in my garage, as well as make some extra money, plus I already had a slightly bigger, but not as nice, grill that suits me fine.

Scenerio: I was approached by several people interested in said Weber grill. No one really was willing to pay my asking price, which honestly wasn't bad at $100 off the price you would pay in the store, but it's like that new car you drive off the lot. Once you pass over the curb the value plummets. I had someone stop by after the garage sale to see if the grill still was available. I explained that I had an offer and said, "Make me a deal." The offer I got was better that the others, so I decided it was time to part with said grill.

You Make The Call: The deal was struck around 5pm Saturday evening. The buyer was a pastor at a church in town. He asked if I wanted cash or a check. Cash, was the all I wanted. He stated that is bank was closed and it would have to wait until Monday. Fine with me, but then Sunday afternoon I received a call stating he was excited about getting the grill and would like to move up the money exchange to today (Sunday). I said sure. The previous night I joked to my wife that his Sunday sermon would end with 'the fire's of Hell are burning like a burgers on a hot flaming grill, so fill the offering plate like you fill your empty bellies at a BBQ'. When he showed up to pay for the grill I was given (5) $20's a few $10's, a bunch of $5's and some $1's. The pile of money was not organized by denominations, but more of a random stack. Not quite what the ATM spits out.

Make The Call!: He found his stash of cash buried in the backyard from Y2K fears, or I just got a bunch of money from the offering plate?

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DeAnn said:

I don't want to guess. I'll feel mean if I say either. Why is that?

Let's just say this: If he did take from the offering plate, I *believe* he'll pay it back!