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And The Gold Medal Goes To.....


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The gold medal goes to.... the outfits required for women's Olympic beach volleyball. Do you agree? Yep!

It actually took me some time this year to really get excited about the Olympic games. I remember the 1984 Summer Olympics fondly with McDonalds having scratch cards for different events. If the USA got gold, you won a Big Mac, silver was fries and bronze was a free drink. Being at the height of the Cold War and USA hosting the games, USSR decided to boycott the games after the USA had led a boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. I remember getting a lot of free Big Macs that summer. There was many a reason to be chanting 'GO USA' then.

Maybe it was McDonalds deciding that was too costly of a marketing move to repeat in following Olympics, or maybe it was the change to a 2 year cycle between games, but something took away the excitement of watching. Maybe it was the advertising madness that made the games look so commercial, rather than true ability from unknowns. Maybe it was the Dream Team kicking major butt, with what left for an encore these days? Oh yeah, it's losing and looking badly. The sob stories and supposed tear-jerkers generated by NBC just didn't seem to make the games any more fun to watch.

Maybe it's simply a fact that if you don't watch, then the Olympics are boring. If you actually start watching and caring, then they get a little more interesting. Sure NBC's broadcasting is somewhat unbiased, with the exception of the USA coverage, the announcers seem to root for underdogs and athletes from other countries. But if you are from the USA, then you have to root from team USA, right? Obviously it's more fun watching a sport when your team is winning, or at least having a chance at winning. Obviously I am probably having more fun than a fan of team Kazakhstan or team Azerbaijan. Of course only in the USA can you invade a county and then root from the Iraqi soccer team.

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