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A Bush Lovin' Good Time


bush lovin'

Moment's like these make you proud to be an American.

One week ago, I was loading up the van to take the family on our first camping trip together. We had wanted to do this for quite some time and had put it off enough, but last Thursday we finally headed out. It was near the end of my last week of vacation, where the good weather went on vacation as well. With enough backup supplies for 2 more people than we had, we were ready to go.

I had picked a few campsites that were close enough to drive to, but hopefully not to urban. We ended up at a campsite, mainly based on the name, Pringle Falls. I figured either there would be some sort of nice water feature, or someone naming the site kept dropping their can of potato chips. We arrived on a Thursday night, so we had the campsite to ourselves. There were some houses within a couple of hundred feet, so it wasn't quite as isolated as I would have liked, but it wasn't a KOA campground either.

The first night was damn cold and somewhat quiet, with the exception of a single gunshot off in the distance around 11pm and 3am. Not exactly the thing you want to here in the middle of the night. Who really needs to be shooting a gun at 3am?

I woke up nice and early to a misty and somewhat foggy campsite. Very quite and somewhat surreal. I snuck down by the nearby river and got some good pictures. This was also the day we would try to find the actual falls. After getting the morning campfire going and some food in our tummies, we did some exploring. Turns out there are some falls there, but jerks built there houses right around them and put up fences. The best you can legally do is drive down the road to a bridge that has a sign pointing down the river. In the city you can't do that sort of thing, but in the wilderness, you can be a riparian dictator.

I made sure and packed enough soda and chips for 2 more days than we stayed, but we managed to roast marshmallows, make smores and freeze our butts off. It's apparent that in the forest all the critters must be Republicans, because they sure love bush.

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