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this monkey's gone to heaven

The Pixies in Bend, Oregon. "I don't think we've played here before", spoke Kim Deal. No Ms. Deal, you haven't played here before. Back when The Pixies were still a band, there was no such thing as a real band playing here. It was clearly local bands only, but back to the show tonight.

The first opening band was The Decemberists, who have put out a couple of most excellent albums: Castaways and Cutoffs and Her Majesty (kind of imagine the old Wayne's World voice, okay maybe not). They played for about half an hour and played a new song called The Sporting Life. They were in awe of playing before The Pixies, but easily showed the audience that even since they are a somewhat "local" band being from Portland, they are way above the league of "local bands". The Decemberists are going somewhere.

Next up on stage was Death Cab For Cutie who have been one of my favorite groups lately. It seems Ben Gibbard can do no wrong with his work on the Postal Service album and DCFC's latest Transatlanticism. I would have easily been happy if the show was just The Decemberists and Death Cab For Cutie, but having The Pixies as well, made this perfect. DCFC was also excited to be playing before The Pixies and while announcing they were playing two more songs Gibbard added "we'll play these as fast as possible, since I know you want to see The Pixies". Cleary a band without an ego.

The Pixies are not a band without egos. Leader Black Francis and bassist/vocalist Kim Deal had some big ones that eventually lead to The Pixies going bye-bye. It was one of those breakups that was nasty and made the thought of a reunion very unlikely. It was not even a thought on anyone's mind until Frank Black mentioned:

"I do dream about the Pixies reunion, I do have to say...

On the stage tonight The Pixies looked as fresh as ever, cranking out song after song for almost 2 hours straight. This was a greatest hits show, in essence, but they didn't stop to reminisce about the songs, nope, they jammed hard and loud and once one song was done they moved right into the next one. The didn't miss a beat and the energy was high in the crowd with a mosh pit, body surfing and the aroma of pot. Come to think of it, have I ever gone to a concert and not smelled marijuana?

In the end, The Pixies kicked off the official new tour in Bend, Oregon! I have to say it again and again, not New York or Los Angeles, but Bend, Oregon. WOW.

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DeAnn said:

Wow, the Pixies in Bend. That IS awesome!

kasey said:

the decemberists are awesome .. i'm so bummed i only got to hear two songs :(

glad to know there are indie fans in Bend.