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Episode IV: The Condiment Wars


condiment wars

You and your rebel scum ketchup won't be able to defeat the evil empire's W ketchup. The condiment wars have truly begun.

It's clearly going to be a Sunday, Bloody Sunday , or maybe that should be Tuesday, this election year. But since the election is still far enough away and it is not Tuesday, but Friday, let's have some Friday fun.

If you're going to be an artist, why not use porn in your artwork? Might not be a good idea for those school or work related projects though. If you like your art a little cleaner then maybe this is more your style.

If you like style, then The Donald is your man. His top-rated show The Appentice started it's second season last night. With team names like Apex and Mosaic I seem to envision my cheap DVD player and an out-dated web browser. If there's ever a way to impress Trump, I can't imagine either of those things will do it.

Trump asked each group for their team name. Bradford announced, 'Apex.' Trump said, 'Good name.' Then Pamela declared her team's name, 'Mosaic.' Trump asked incredulously, 'Mosaic?' - which drew laughs from the other team. Trump minced no words and said, 'Wow, that's awful.'

Clearly a better move would have been to call their teams Trumptastic, Trumply Spears, or LL Trump J or anything resembling a creative thought. So, Apex and Mosaic were the best thing to come out of all the billion or so people who tried to get on the show? it would probably be a little more interesting if after the team names Trump declared, 'I have to pick from these smucks?'

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DeAnn said:

I LOVED the first season of "The Apprentice," but judging from that first episode, this might be one case where subsequent seasons really cannot measure up.