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Holy Crap! I Figured Out A Way To Increase Youth Voting



You all know the drill, voting in the United States of America isn't as popular as you would think it should be. People in other countries, fight, protest, and even die for the right to vote. For quite some time women couldn't vote, but does that make today's young women excited to be able to make the ballot? Maybe, maybe not. The truth is no one ever really knows how the youth vote will turn out.

Everywhere you look these days people are trying to persuade the youth of America to vote. Whether it's the Rock The Vote (I mean if Lil' Kim can vote, you should be able to vote too!) or the $100,000 contest, voting is big and for some reason just voting isn't a good enough reason I guess. There's the problem, and here's the solution.

If Pepsi and Burger King can give away a free song download with food purchases, why not the government too? Yep, when you vote you get a free song download. Hell, since this voting thing is important, give the people two free music downloads! I am monkeyinabox, and I approve this message.

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DeAnn said:

That really is a great idea.

But I have to digress to say that I did not know Burger King does that. Doesn't some soft drink company do it too?

Tom said:

Great idea. It would be even better if the free songs were "You can't always get what you want" and "Road to nowhere."

monkeyinabox said:

DeAnn, thanks, I forgot about the Pepsi deal for a minute. Yeah, Burger King is running a bunch of ads that if you purchase a Whopper, you get a free song from AOL (however that works).

I'd also suggest U2's 'Still Haven't Found WHat I'm Looking For'.

Jesse Thompson said:

We could take the concept a wee bit further. The RIAA could sponser free music downloads to encourage young people to write their congressmen to pass the INDUCE act or some other legislation to outlaw digital music.