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Jenga For a Million Dollars? That's For Wimps


Jenga madness

Play Jenga for a million dollars? Hell yeah! Of course if you're into the wimpy commercial version that's easy. While Jenga has some history and did exist back in the 1970's, when I was back in high school, some of my friends and I invented The Block Game. This was before any of us even knew what Jenga was, but we made up a game that was like Jenga, but better. Of course some of the lingo was slang and probably not safe for kids, but when you watch too much Def Comedy Jam, things happen.

Our game consisted of small wooden blocks (hence The Block Game), balancing large textbooks (what else are you going to use at a school?) on multiple levels. Rather than simply removing one block at a time, you had to roll a die and pick out multiple blocks. Of course there were secret blocks that had phrases on them. Let's just say if you got tha finga it wasn't the thumbs up, instead INSTANT loss. Sure the sounds of Jenga blocks crashing down is loud, but add in a bunch of heavy text books and you've got table thumping fun!

So Mark Cuban, sorry you picked some wimpy Jenga players. Bring your game to town next time.

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DeAnn said:

How anybody can get the Jenga cubes to stack like that is beyond me.

Mark Cuban? Also beyond me. But for different reasons!