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Everyone makes a bet with someone at sometime. There might be the friendly, 'I bet I can eat all those fries'. or the 'I double-dog dare you to stick your tongue to the metal pole' in winter. Usually these bets are small or non-life changing. Ever since I started watching The World Series of Poker this year, things have changed.

My wife and I always would make small wagers that would be something like this:

wife: Kenny G plays the clarinet
me: no he doesn't
wife: I'll bet you $5 he does
me: you're on!

It wasn't that I was a fan of Kenny G, but I knew the difference between a clarinet and an alto sax. I had thus claimed a grand total of $5. Big deal. With the WSOP mentality, things are changing:

wife: Kenny G plays the clarinet
me: no he doesn't
wife: I'll bet he does
me: ALL IN!
wife: nevermind, I fold

When you call the ALL IN, people who know no-limit poker, know you mean business. Other people, well frankly, think you are crazy and should be locked up. Who's really wrong?

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Jake said:

Sadly, it's not an alto sax, either. He generally plays a saprano.

/me music geek.

Jesse Thompson said:

/mode #monkeyinabox +b
/kick #monkeyinabox jake Musirc Geek! ;)

DeAnn said:

My boyfriend is addicted to the WSP. I, myself, have little interest, although I liked the first season of Celebrity Poker.

I clearly have different interests...

Lena said:

I have a friend who is totally addicted to WSP. He gets so involved in it that his 9 month old could wander away with a can of gasoline and a lit match and he wouldn't notice.

Now I have to go blog about poker.

Damn you.