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Who's LINE Is It Anyway?


Carolyn NOT LINE!!

Last night kicked off the newest installment of Survivor, which had been advertising that the first 10 minutes would be jaw dropping television excitement. After watching it was more like, 'that's it?'. I'm sure it will get better once you actually know some of these people, but other than a greased up pole and a lot of women in bikini’s crawling in mud (and who says morals are low on tv?), someone I didn't give a rat's ass about got voted off.

The second episode of NBC's The Apprentice was also promising to be good. Just the clip of Donald Trump saying 'You're stupid', made it worth checking out. The truth is stupid is as stupid does and these people are stupid. The best part of the show is always The Boardroom. You could tell Bradford's good luck was starting to decline when he agreed with Carolyn Kepcher, but called her Caroline. The look on her face was something like this:

Bradford: I agree with CaroLINE
Carolyn: (Rolls eyes and gasps for breathe)
Bradford: Opps, I mean Carolyn
Trump: Yeah, you better know the names of us
Bradford: Okay, sorry...
but what you didn't here...
Carloyn: Look you worthless media whore, I am CAROLYN! I could eat your whole family for breakfast and spit them out and then step on them some more. Don't mess with me punk!

From there it only went downhill for Bradford as he waived his exemption (that's always a brilliant move in games like this). Trump called him stupid about 15 times and thus you knew Trump didn't want someone who's STUPID as his Apprentice, right? YOU'RE FIRED!

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