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Sweet Dreams


sweet dreams

You know the routine, "sweet dreams", you say as you send a child or your sweetheart off to bed. For a child you can say, "have sweet dreams", which I guess makes sense, since you don't want to send them off to bed with "have some nasty nightmares".

I seem to recall having a lot more dreams when I was a child as well. These days dreams and few and far between. I guess I might be having more dreams, but it's the ones you remember when you wake up that really can get under your skin. Sometimes they are vividly real, or based on something you are worrying about. Sometimes you solve a problem or do something you would never do in real life. Then there are the times where you have the dream that has bits of reality and bits of plain madness.

Last night I was filling under the weather and went to bed earlier than normal. I also downed a shot of Nyquil before hitting the pillow. Now I've found that Nyquil is the best thing for when you REALLY need to sleep well. That stuff flat out knocks you out, so I've learned that when I'm sick, not to take it unless I can afford to really sleep. Last night that was no problem, so I took my medicine and went to bed.

Having a weird dream normally is weird enough, but having a weird dream with Nyquil seemed to make it all the weirder. It was one of those times where you wake up going, "did I really dream about that?, did I really dream about that?".

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Jesse Thompson said:

When I was a kid I had nightmares several times a week. Different nightmares, all of the time, From when I was no older than 4 until I was 13 or so. Even when I didn't have nightmares I could remember my dreams with greater frequency than anyone else. I can't remember dreams with nearly as much frequency since 1998 or '99 or so though, which is sad. When I'm not having nightmares (I've had like 12 in 14 years now.. but on the other hand they were doozeys) my dreams rule. Sure they are crazy as hell most of the time, but they are also usually more entertaining than normal life.

I had a forum about Dreaming on a few years ago (when there were Forums to speak of) and I tried something. I decided I would count how many unique dreams that I'd had in my life that I could recall in a few hours time. I got up over 80 before I decided to report my results.

So, I'm pretty sure I can remember dreams better than anyone else I know. :) I can recall 80% of the narrative details about one wacky dream I totally had in Kindergarten (twenty two years ago, when I was the same age my son is now).

I have studied my dreams and used the findings in heavy philosophy debates. My major findings show that your dreams become more visually and logically realistic as you grow older. Objects show greater tendancies to behave normally, and to stay put and endure over time.. familiar environments tend to look much more pedestrian and less kooky (unless your brain means for them to be kooky). Essentially your Dream Rendering Engine becomes more mature as you do.

Well I should shut up and blog a trackback if I feel like pontificating any more, but word to your mother home slice, and, and all that :)

Jesse Thompson said:

Alright, ye trackbackless one :)
I not only blogged regarding your post here I made a wiki.
Follow the link for this comment to go see tha wiki, and make some pages describing some of the dreams you've had maybe, eh?

If you don't know how a wiki works give me a hollar and I'll see what I can do. :)

monkeyinabox said:

Sounds WIKI WACK to me.

Jesse Thompson said:

yeah I'd figured as much. (shuffles away)