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The Ye Old Mac versus Windows debate has always been around since the dawn of man. Well, okay, since computers started being used by average humans. For quite a while back in the DOS days, there was the command line versus the point and click approach. There was the debate over whether the command line was more powerful and the GUI of the Macintosh was slower. Then Windows came to life. It was a sad copy of the Macintosh operating system, which itself had been a copy of a Xerox OS. That stuff is all common knowledge these days, so why rehash that?

These days running Windows XP or Macintosh OS X really offer up a pretty similar computing experience. If you run one, you can pretty much figure out the other quick enough to be productive. Is the really a big reason to push one or the other? The answer is HELL YES.

The first thing users should be looking at is what software they have to run. If there is a program that you can't find on both ends, hell might as well include Linux as well these days, then you might be forced to pick one OS unless you want to run an emulated version (which isn't always a good idea). If you don't have a particular software application that is picky, then leave your options open, WIDE open.

The sad thing is money is a real world factor, so if you look at the lack of money you have then your rankings might be: 1) Linux, 2) Windows PC, 3) Macintosh. Is Linux really the cheapest? Sure, if you know what you are doing, you can download it for free and run a lot of software that costs a lot less than Windows or Macintosh counterparts. The thing is if you aren't comfortable with computers, running Linux might not be a good idea. If the command line of DOS sounds scary, then Linux will not be your best friend. Windows PCs will always, actually ALWAYS be less expensive than a Macintosh system. It's the same that a Honda will always be less expensive than a Mercedes.

This, so far, has been nothing new. Blah, blah, blah. The biggest thing these days that I'm now seeing is if you want to be on the internet, stay away, I mean, FAR FAR FAR in another galaxy away from Windows. Sure, I know what I'm doing, so I don't get viruses, spyware, adware, etc...., but to someone who's not savvy, what happens? :

That first program found over 1100 things! The second found over 50 more. I didn't even get a chance to update windows since the first two things took so long and I had some other stuff to do last night. Well, it certainly can't be worse now, so I'm pretty excited about it! I can't believe how many hours I've spent just downloading and running spyware/adware/anti-virus since last Friday... Probably at least 8 hours, that's a full day's work!

That's a few lines from a co-worker who was having problems with his Windows box. He wasn't savvy: he hadn't run Windows Update once, his virus software was out of date, and his older PC was running as fast as honey pouring from a glass jar. This is not an isolated incident either.

These days in the business newspaper, I see a lot of services and articles about removing spyware and adware. Most people seem to know a bit about viruses, but these baddies seem to be messing people over more. Besides the fact that Windows itself is a weekly chore to update all the security patches that come out for it and having to update your virus and adware software weekly is getting ridiculous.

I am a Mac fan. I love the computers and the operating system, whether it's OS 9 or OS X. The thing is I run both these days and you know what? I don't have to worry about viruses, adware or spyware. If SPAM in email didn't exist, it would be perfect. I don't have to run weekly scans for viruses and install patch after patch (sure there's an OS X update every few months or so). The thing everyone will say is, less people use the Mac, so less people write viruses and adware for it (actually not many at all really). Okay, so where's the rocket science in picking a system to run? If you don't want to worry about that stuff, then why deal with it? If you want a peaceful life would you move to Iraq or Wyoming?

When I did my interview at the local paper, Jake was there, making fun of us Mac users. Honestly, I can't understand where that comes from, expect possibly ignorance. Before I actually used a Mac, I had a hard time taking them seriously. I don't know why, but that's how it was. You either ran one or the other and the one you didn't run was evil or inferior. These days I run both, and all I know is the Windows side is riddled with problems of potential dangers.

Recently my wife and I went to her coworker's house to help her set up a computer she just bought. This lady didn't even turn the computer on before we got there; to make sure nothing was plugged in wrong. She actually started to read word for word, the end user agreement, I mean who actually reads those things? She was cautious as hell, but I'm guessing when one of those browser windows pops open and says, HIT YES!!!!!, then she's going to hit yes. Sure the PC she bought from Wal-Mart was about $500. Last time I checked Macintosh prices, I don't recall seeing anything in that price range. That's what drove her to purchase a Windows PC. Price and price only.

These days Apple computer seems to be more of an MP3 player pimp that a computer maker. The dancing silhouettes are hip and cool, but does business cares about hip or cool? Does grandma and grandpa care about hip or cool? Okay, maybe, but why not run ads along these lines:

man: This adware spyware stuff stinks
woman: What's that stuff? I run a Mac
man: It's bad stuff that messes up your computer, like a Virus
woman: I don't get those virus things either on my Mac
man: Really? I spend hours weekly cleaning off that stuff
woman: Since I got my Mac a year ago, I haven't spent one second of my time.

Okay, it's a free country, spend your time how you like. And until I eliminate all PCs from my life, then I know I'll be spending time wasted on those things. That place is work, and often that can't be changed, but if you can change it, why wouldn't you?

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indy said:

The only reason I keep a windows box around is because I get paid to support them. At home I use Windows for the occational game, but even now I find myself gaming less and less, and in linux more and more. I would convert people at work to Linux but they barely understand Windows, let alone a whole new OS they've never seen.

Essentially I'm just waiting for Linux to get better and better, which it has been.

Macs are nice and pricey, I suppose, but I hate the feeling that I'm being ripped off and that I don't have control over my hardware--which is more important than any OS--so I generally avoid.