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Is It That Time Again?



Since the Old Navy low-price particles didn't fuse to my...what the... umm Once again my wife and I made our way to the local Red Robin eating establishment tonight. I guess it was time for our bi-annual poor service experience (ahhh.. I can remember the last time just like it was yesterday):

I'm not sure who put the term gourmet in Red Robin food, but it was and will never be me. Sure it's better than fastfood burgers, but for $9 a burger, I can do much better. One thing I do like about my previous meals at this establishment, is that when you order a burger it comes with 'bottomless steak fries'. I think in the dining world one of my favorite phrases is all-you-can-eat, because I can eat. Last night my burger arrived with a meager portion of fries, but I knew more would be coming later, so no big deal, right? Not so, our waitress checked back on us 10 seconds after a food arrived and not one until the bill was ready. HELLO!!!! Bottomless fries!?!?! I did get some more, but it would have been much nicer than having to flag down the bus boy to get them.

It's great when you write this stuff already, and it happens again. Maybe I can add a Movable Type plug-in for an automatic Red Robin rant. Damn, I was ready to bitch about reality tv again. Figures, reality-tv set aside by reality. The irony! The irony!

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DeAnn said:

Wait! Someone put the term "gourmet" in Red Robin? I had NO idea.

monkeyinabox said:

Obviously it was someone who had lived off White Castle frozen hamburgers. It's like the pictures of fast food in print ads, the food always looks better. I guess restaurants can lie as much as they want, as long as no one dies.