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While having my wonderful experience at Red Robin yesterday, not only was a stunned by the bad service (okay, not really), but also by the lack of either having A) playoff baseball or B) Vice Presidential Debate, on the 8 televisions in the restaurant. What was on? World Series of Poker and then I'd Do Anything, where someone was playing miniature golf surrounded by bees. Who says there's anything wrong with this country?

Since I didn't get to watch the debate, I'm having to scour blogs and such to get a non-mainstream idea of what really happened.

Well, as much as I hate taking sales from the monkeyinabox thong, I have to say if you're pro-Kerry than you gotta get the Kerry-Edwards thong. I guess if you're for Bush, then don't wear it. There's a good pun somewhere here.

I'd like to give a tasty cookie to Adam Kalsey for posting a solution to Movabletype comments losing their cookies. So hopefully for those of you who have posted comments on here, the cookies will work and you won't have to re-enter info.

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Jake said:

Man, I thought I was just losing my mind when MT was losing my cookies. Glad to hear there's a fix. Thanks!

And BTW: If you hate Red Robin so much, why do you still go there? Crimeny, we have a crapload of eateries in this town.

monkeyinabox said:

That was my fourth visit to Red Robin in Bend. The first was a office lunch, so I didn't get to pick. The second was by choice when I last wrote about it. I sent in a complaint and got two certificates for free meals, so my wife and I went back and that time it was okay. Last night our firends wanted to take us out. Red Robin is where they chose. So, I have paid for only 1 of the 4 visits, which shows that I'm a sucker for free food, but I'll bitch and moan about it anyway.

Jake said:

Well hell, if it's free, I'll eat pretty much anywhere in Bend. I'd still bitch about it, too.

Yoni Cohen said:


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And would gladly return the favor, adding you to my blogroll.


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