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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Post For The Red Robin Update


red robin

Okay, we're all friends here, so I'm going to get candid with you. I might post a little crap about Red Robin on here, but last night I got to chatting with the owner of Red Robin. No, not the manager of the local chain, but the Wife of Red Robin herself.

I'll start with a little more background information. After my bad experiences I didn't say anything while at the restaurant. Why? Well, frankly no one at the restaurant would give me the satisfaction of my complaint. When you work at a place like that, generally you have little ability to do anything but say, 'I'm sorry'. Now, getting the I'm sorry from a smuck, who honestly doesn't mean it, doesn't mean anything to me. I took the approach of at least if I filled out the complaint form on the website, it might go to someone who actually cares.

Previously, I had and email from the restaurant from someone with Guest Relations under their name. I didn't think much beyond that. This time when I wrote my complaint, I quoted that person. I guess it turned out to be more than someone from Guest Relations, it was in fact Teressa Hubert, the wife of Greg Hubert, who is the PRESIDENT of Red Robin. It might have been the fact that this was my second complaint, or the fact that I put Mrs. Hubert to her words, but last night I got a phone call.

The call came during the Yankees - Twins game, so I wanted to blow it off. I thought it was the company mouth, but WOOOO it wasn't. She was very sorry for what had happened and said that the manager of the restaurant was so mad with the people on that shift, that heads will roll. We talked for about 30 minutes. In the end I got an apology, I got a good conversation, I might have gotten people fired, but I got bloody satisfaction. Heck I even got her personal cell phone number for the next time I get to eat there for free if it's not 100% dandy to give her a buzz and she'll push the RED ROBIN DEATH BUTTON. Who said George W, was the only one to act fast?

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