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None For You, None For Me



Internet access at the workplace is almost as essential as a cup of coffee these days. Maybe even more, I mean, who checks their email before breakfast?

Last Friday internet access at our office was down. We have a cable modem, so usually we don't have long down periods. It's usually always on and always up. That morning it wasn't up. There has been some construction recently around our office, where someone hit a buried power line and took down power, so I thought maybe that happened again. Nope. A call to the cable company lead to an pre-recorded message about a fire causing damage to a fiber-optic trunk. Did the hardware malfunction and set fire? Nope.

A sleeping transient camped out at a spot near the parkway apparently knocked over his lantern late Thursday night, sparking a brushfire that melted and damaged the fiber optic lines running overhead, knocking out TV and high-speed Internet service to thousands of customers for much of the day Friday.

There's a bit of irony in this. Someone, who has little to do with the online world, took it down in a big way for thousands of people, who probably find it essential to daily life. It wasn't a virus or a worm, it was a homeless person just trying to keep warm.

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