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Game Seven


A-Rod hand slap

Oh to be in New York right now. Tonight's unlikely game 7 of the ALCS between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox is going to be the focus of much of the sporting world tonight. Even if you don't care about baseball, it's likely you've heard something about this series. Even the crack-smoking junkies on the street in New York will be aware. Put the crack pipe down, it's time for game 7.

Playoff baseball is great. This is when it counts. Probably the only bad thing is being the Astros and Cardinals, whose series gets the shaft of television coverage, in lue of the Yankees – Red Sox games. Probably the only thing worse is being St. Louis right-hander Julian Tavarez who broke his left hand during a dugout tantrum in Game 4 of the NL Championship Series. Worse yet, getting fined for the pitch he threw before throwing his tantrum and breaking his hand. Seriously Tavarez was just trying to put a little spotlight on the NLCS. Sorry Julian, the freaks are in New York.

Will the Red Sox finally make history by overcoming their old nemesis? Or will the Yankees kick their old rivals in the groin again just as they're within reach of the promised land? Or will Boston doctors suture Ted Williams' head onto Johnny Damon's body?

Game 7's happen, but not usually when a team is down 0-3, infact in baseball this has NEVER happened.

Twenty-five teams have gone to 0-3 in baseball's postseason in a best-of-seven series. Twenty of them rolled over in Game 4. Only three took the series to where this one is going, five games, before bowing out. And only two have made it to a Game 6. No team down 0-3 has ever even forced a Game 7.

These are the Red Sox. They are either very unlucky or truly cursed by the Bambino. Even though they've done the amazingly unbelievable feat of forcing a game 7 after being down 0-3, they still have to win one more.

In the first three games of the series the Yankees owned the Red Sox. Game 1 was exciting as the Red Sox battled to come back, but ultimately failed. In Game 2 Pedro found out who's his daddy, and it was Mr Bambino himself. In Game 3 the Yankees embarrassed the Red Sox with a 19 - 8 victory. The Yankees were ready to head to the World Series. While the Red Sox were down, they weren't quite ready to let the Yankees head to the fall classic so quickly.

So, here we are. Game 7, with the Red Sox hoping for another chance to end the curse and the Yankees ready to kick them down and spit in their face. Bring it on, this is baseball.

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