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Negative Campaign Ads Aren't Negative Enough For Me


political ads

November 2nd is drawing close, and the candidates have pumped up the political mumbo jumbo and spin. There's always debate over how negative campaign ads are, well, negative. My take on this is simple: they are not negative enough.

Typical ads you see right now are negative, but they aren't any worse that what saw months ago. They are simply running through the motions, like a pop musician lip-synching a song. We have heard the same stuff over and over again. If you honestly haven't made up your mind by now on who you are going to be voting for, then more powerful messages are just what the doctor ordered.

From Bush campaign:

John Kerry isn't just going to raise taxes, he's going to raise them so much it will feel like you've been gang-raped by a bunch or Iraqi terrorists, in fact the same ones he says aren't the real bad guys. John Kerry, he wants to rape you like a terrorist. I'm George W Bush and I approve this message

From Kerry campaign:

George Bush...what a freakin' idiot. He can't tell Osama Bin Laden From Saddam Hussein, so who says he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between you and a terrorist. Yep, George W Bush is going to shoot you in the head in the middle of the night. A lot of good a tax break will do when you're dead. I'm John Kerry and I approve this message

Now that we've asked people to vote, it's time we make the choices easier. More negative ads!!!! More negative ads is a good thing. That made sense, right?

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Jesse Thompson said:

Don't forget to mail in your ballots before November!
I'm Jesse Thompson and I thoroughly disapprove of this message :)