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Worldly Series


Say hey catch

Despite being down about the Yankees losing to the Red Sox, I'm always up for a good World Series. So far the Red Sox have keep playing like they were down 0-3, but even with the Cardinals down 0-2, this series is hardly over (atleast in my opinion). While I could just ramble on about all the details, I'd rather focus on some of the stuff that may have gone un-noticed.

Have do New Yorkers get back at Boston for beating them? Sell 'em some tickets for the big series, yeah that will do the trick. Boston, not taking a chance with the curse of the Bambino, decided to play not-so-nice host when they booked a hotel for the Cardinals that wasn't so nice. Suck trickery is normal even though it caused the World's Oldest Man (and Red Sox fan) to grasp his chest and yell, "Don't take me yet, we're up 2-0".

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