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The Kobe Transcripts



I'm not sure how many people have really read the transcripts of Kobe Bryant's interview with the police, but it's all there, no denying what happened, no half-admittedly saying "okay it happened", instead it's all there in your face, Kobe style. The sad thing is seeing how someone who's supposed to be a role model, falls further and further down truly not what he wanted I'm sure.

I'm not kidding you, it's, they teach you that in 7th grade sex ed.

Regret. Of course for the victim, right after sexual intercourse is always the best time to ask for autographs after what happened. She was a dumb young attractive lady and Kobe couldn't resist, right? Kobe?

She wasn't that attractive

So, Kobe clearly is either not telling the truth here, or this just doesn't make sense. Or maybe it does, when this has happened before. Mr Bean clearly is not so innocent, it appears.

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