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Furious Fingers Of Dialing Fury


Bruce almighty

And so began the legend of Pai Mei's five point palm exploding heart technique, said the Master. Ah yes, but have you heard of the Furious Fingers Of Dialing Fury? No, you say? Well, patience young grasshopper, let the master tell you of the Furious Fingers Of Dialing Fury.

The day started, just like any other day, at work with a cup of hot coffee and listening to the morning show on the radio. It came time for the morning >i>pop quiz, which usually results in a question that if answered correctly grants you a prize of a VHS tape of skateboarding, or rodeo tickets. The prize on this day wasn't a whole lot better, but it was a 2-disc DVD set of The World Series of Poker, which I like, but from 2003 (oh well, I only watched a little of that season). Okay, with the prize (meager perhaps as it was) in sight, it was time to answer the question and call in. With Google at my disposal, answering the questions usually is easy. Getting through on the phone to be caller #3 isn't.

But, with the Furious Fingers Of Dialing Fury at my disposal success was as easy as typing in the seven digits (yes, one attempt is all it took). Victory, but not so fast, the Furious Fingers Of Dialing Fury would soon be in use soon again. I kid you not, but mere moments after victory there was another omen that caused the Furious Fingers Of Dialing Fury to spring into action once again: the sound of a falling turkey. Yes, the same radio stations holds a yearly event of dropping turkeys (paper ones for the PETA folks) and giving decent prizes for simply being in the event. During the last five years, I have been in the event four times and this year makes number five. Usually getting through is tough, with multiple redials, but today was different as the Furious Fingers Of Dialing Fury got a ring on try number one. Yes, two for two on the day, but that is not the end of my tale.

Later that same day, the second playing of the sound of the turkey falling was heard. My co-worker also wanted to qualify for the turkey drop and I decided to put the Furious Fingers Of Dialing Fury to one final task for the day. One dialing attempt number one, success. I quickly passed the phone and she was in. Mere skill or luck? No, young grasshopper the Furious Fingers Of Dialing Fury were truly summoned that day. And when the time comes, they will be summoned again!

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