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Tales Of The Soda Pop Junkie


Soda pop art

How does one start? I guess going back to the beginning is best. Soda, or pop as some people call it, or sugary carbonated beverages is another, is what I lived on for years. Seriously, I was a soda pop junkie. The positive part of saying that is the was portion. How did it start and how did it end?

As a kid, you love stuff that is sweet: candy, ice-cream, Kool-Aid, and soda. For the most part everyone knows you're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water everyday, but who really does that? Mind you, this was back in the days before bottled water was all the rage. Water came from the tap, unless you bought gourmet water, Perrier, or whatever rich people drank. Growing up in a place with good tap water, it makes that kind of stuff seems pretty stupid. Water is free (mostly), and soda isn't, so why does soda win compared to water when you're a kid? To put it bluntly, water doesn't have catchy jingles. Anyone from the 80's remembers those damn Dr Pepper songs, the Coke songs, did Pepsi have one? Well, there was the Pepsi Challenge, and 7up had the Spot character. Damn it, soda was fun, and water was not.

Back in the 80's and early 90's you could get those nice 16oz glass bottles or soda. There was also those larger 1-liter (I believe), but I don't remember having any of those. Back then, those were big bottles. Remember how at fast food joints the large soda was about 16oz. That was as big as you could get. 7-Eleven was the soda pop junkie’s dream. The Big Gulp was created. 32oz of thirst quenching satisfaction. That was really enough, but was it?

I remember drinking more and more soda, especially during the high school years. I remember one year when you got a good GPA, you got a sticker on your student body card. One quickie mart type place gave you a free 32oz soda everyday with that. Yeah, you heard me right, free 32oz soda everyday. A couple of my friends and I made use of that too, everyday. By that time, 32oz was no longer big anymore. 7-Eleven had the SUPER Big Gulp, and the fast food joints, responded with free refills. Ahhhh, the free refill. You would think that the soda pop junkie would just refill and refill and small cup, but nope, you get the biggest one and refill it like mad. That wasn't good enough for the soda pop junkie.

Soon the term Supersize was something of beauty. Now at the fast food joints a 32oz soda could be bought. 7-Eleven went bigger with Double Gulps and this trend continued. Big, bigger, biggest was the theme. Now, as the soda pop junkie I was in heaven. Getting fast food? 32oz soda. Had a bunch of Super Big Gulp plastic cups that I could refill for cheap. A weekly 12-pack of cans at home was a minimum at home too.

At work, I would get two 10-minute breaks during a 8-hour shift. During each of those I could drink two 12 oz cans of soda. That meant that if I had soda at lunch as well, and after work, it was easily a 6-pack a day. That's 72oz to non soda pop junkies. We had one night were a bunch of us got together and played board games while each drinking a 2-liter bottle of soda. I actually threw up that night after that much soda.

College, especially architecture school is not the best place for a soda pop junkie. Damn, on those late night work sessions, Mountain Dew was essential. Not being a coffee drinker, multiple runs to 7-Eleven was required to a point of having the shakes. With work and school, plus usually having to eat fast food, soda was plentiful and I was drinking it up.

Once out of school and into the work force, soda consumption was down a bit, but I still did crazy stuff like hitting 7-Eleven at 7:30 in the morning with my plastic 70oz insulated soda cup and loading up. This was at a desk job. Soda at lunch and the essential soda at 3pm, for the last few hours of work. Going home there was at least 2 cans at night. I hauled 24 can packs into work on a weekly basis. When there was a good deal at the grocery stores I would stock up and sometimes have 3 Pepsi cubes under my desk.

I don't know how it changed, but it did. Slowly I eliminated the 3pm daily can. In the evening I worked at drinking water at dinner and not needing a couple of cans at night. I cut back my fast food eating quite a bit during the last year, and that always helps for reducing your soda intake. I still usually have a can of soda at lunchtime, but no longer to I visit 7-Eleven with the refillable cup. Can it get better? I think it can and about to try something drastic.

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