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Even The Street Thugs Are Yuppies Here



Ah the first sound of Christmas sirens as the yuppie street thugs in town start up the season with a bang to the head. You know something is wrong with the person assaulting you isn't using a stick or club, but a 5 iron. I mean most people who have clubs play golf, right? Isn't golf a civilized sport? Doing something like that is likely to get you landed on the poop report.

Well, since it's Friday, time for some holy fun. Damn and I thought Amazing candy bars for $5 were a rip-off. Too bad for Ivana that Trump didn't want strippers running one of his companies. I guess in the aftermath of his Chapter 11's, having someone make him $20 for flashing the panties, might not be so bad after all. FLASH!

Speaking of flash, it just might be time for monkeys on wagons in parades. Ah, last year was good, but since then went live, I got the site published in the newspaper, and it might just be time for an upscale monkeyinabox float. Granted it can't be big, huge, animated, but if you are at the parade and see the monkey wagon, show the love. I promise I'm no street thug.

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