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Common Sense Isn't That Common, Or How A Hawk Named Pale Male Needs Legal Representation


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Some times you have to tilt your head back and roll your eyes. Some times you have to tilt your head way back and roll your eyes twice. When that's not enough, frankly I'm not sure what you're supposed to do when something is just so beyond common sense that it hurts your head.

If you've been follow the adventures of "Pale Male," a daring red-tailed hawk who manages to thrive in the urban world of New York City than maybe you know that the much beloved hawk was recently evicted from his 5th Ave Penthouse Suite. This was no ordinary hawk, mind you, this was a movie star and when a big-wig gets the boot, people get pissed off. Of course "Pale Male" was also outraged and quickly hired an attorney and an architect to assist in the move:

The 200-pound nest was removed last week after an engineer said it was causing the building's facade to crumble, and that debris and the occasional squirrel, pigeon or rat carcass flung out of the nest after feeding posed a risk to pedestrians.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the engineer. Overall, I'd say that "Pale Male" is racking up some serious bills and last time I checked bird nest design and structural analysis isn’t usually taught in school. Clearly this is more of an issue for "the birds". I'm all for the protection of endangered species, but with all the trouble and money spent on "Pale Male" it's not hard to see why these hawks become endangered:

That damn hawk is messin' the roof. Shoot it. Done.

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