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BH Goes To A Freak. Critters Buggin Comes To Bend


Mike Dillion

After a visit of The Pixies to Bend, it's hard to feel amazed at any band that makes it way here, but since the impenetrable barrier that once blocked bands from traveling to my town, seems to have been lifted atlast. Last Saturday night Critters Buggin came to town for a show. If you haven't heard of Critters Buggin they are simply a band you have to experience to describe. Drummer Matt Chamberlain can best be described as Drummer Everyone's Heard, But Few Have Heard OF. The drumming he does for Critters Buggin is probably a little different than when he works with Tori Amos, but he's good. Second percussionist Mike Dillion is a madman to watch perform. If you've seen the beginning of Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey with the chimps banging the bones of the skeletal remains, then you've seen Mike Dillion. He doesn't look like a monkey though. Brad Houser plays a more straight forward approach with the bass, but he's the only guitar player on there, unless you count Skerik, who probably could best be described as Tom Green playing the sax, except, being very very very good at it. This is not Kenny-G style sax playing here either. Take any-preconceived notion you have of what it should sound like and throw that out the window.

This was the second time I had a chance to see Critters Buggin live and unfortunately they seem to be giving that up soon. This time around they were not dressed as wildly as before, but the music was just as crazy. I'm not sure why they thought dropping the visual aspect was any better. It's not like they changed anything else. Nevertheless, this is a show you must see if you get the chance.

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