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The Month That Went Too Fast


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Quick, before it's 2005, time to post some final thoughts of 2004 [damn..see it went too fast afterall - I meant to post this on the 30th]. It sure felt that once Thanksgiving made me loosen my belt, Christmas Eve was here. Gift exchanges, office parties, shopping craziness and all the other fun stuff that doesn't get put on hold even though the holidays swap you (like work and house work). Reality TV's circle of life maybe summed up my year best. Highs and lows in the middle, but did I really get anywhere different from where I started?

A year ago... Yep last year it was George W Bush and Iraq, this year it's George W Bush and Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction found then, and none found now. We still haven't captured Osama Bin Ladin either. Michael Jackson was getting in trouble last year and Janet was getting in trouble this year. Paris Hilton was once again, Paris Hilton. Cubs fans cried once again while Red Sox fans finally reversed the curse. 2004 was almost 2003 redux.

I think one of the better movies of 2004 was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which I previously wrote might have summed up the year well. Oddly familiar, but not sure why. This website went from a way to waste time to a published in the newspaper way to waste time (or was it). Of course the Pixies reunited and came to town (something I would have never dreamed possible in 2003). Hell, Critters Buggin even made it to Bend. Maybe Paris Hilton will be spotted in the local McDonalds this year. Who knows!

2005 hasn't started all too well with Tsunami devastation. Ken Jennings might be sad to see 2004 go as well, but he'll be back and maybe 2005 will be even better. Well, whatever happens, it's a New Year and time to start all over again. Let's get the party started.

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