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2005 Word To Your Mutha


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Last month I hit the wall. I hit it hard. Basically there was the battle to post stuff and the desire to do so. The Holidays are finally over and maybe so is my lack of writing on here. It's one of those things that's hard to explain. Sometimes you feel like nut, sometimes you don't.

Random stuff I thought about writing about lately, but didn't:

Solving the blog bandwidth problem using Bit Torrent. See not all bad things come from Bit Torrent.

Apple sues ThinkSecret. With tomorrow's MacWorld Expo, we'll see if Think Secret was right about the $500 headless Mac. Juicy.

Copernic's Desktop Search. I haven't tried a desktop search program yet (because I'm just so damned organized already), but this one looks good.

Here's another reason that you need an iPod. I bet you don't any silhouette type ads for this.

Ashlee booed at the Orange Bowl. I think it was just a delayed reaction from the SNL incident. Delayed. Just like this post.

Well, here's to hoping 2005 is full of Paris Hilton mischief and fun!

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