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The Simple Life: Giving A Bad Name To Interns Everywhere


Simple Life 3

Fox, in it's continuing desire to better the world, premiered the third season of The Simple Life, featuring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, last night. This time around the two women go to work as 'interns' for various companies, while showing the world they don't give a rip about anything, and basically mocking everything, but in the end, it's so cute how nice they can be, if they want to.

The thing that has always driven me crazy in my profession is that I am technically an intern, still in the sense. Maybe I'm not, but that's the title I've had for a while, so I think it's still there. Most internship’s are for people trying to get a foot in the door and do work for little money or even free. In the field of architecture, that is not the case. After getting a degree, you go get a job. Yes, a regular job, but it's called an internship. When I have told people I'm an intern, they will often ask if I'm still in school. There’s obviously a misconception in the public about what an intern is. And to put it mildly, Paris and Nicole are not going to help that any bit.

Atleast the companies they are working for a giving them bad grades for their bad work. Boobs on the copy machine are not okay in the professional world, but I'm not sure what company could call itself a boob for hiring these two without knowing what's going to happen. I mean, get real. If you haven't seen the last two season's of The Simple Life then probably still know these two are dumb blondes in every sense of the world. Even dumb blondes feel insulted by them. That's hot.

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