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in or out

Project Runway on Bravo has become one of the better reality shows to watch these days. Whether you like reality tv or design (probably liking both helps), the show is just plain fun to watch. German supermodel Heidi Klum, makes Donald Trump look like a sissy boy. Week after week the designers are given a very short amount of time to come up with a fresh design and then get ripped by the judges. It's not silly, or American Idol-ish, but what real designers have to do all the time: hear what the client wants, get it done quickly with little budget and then suck in the criticism. The weekly guest judges (who are essentially the clients) are never as harsh as the fashion experts. Next week the final episode will air, and I have no inside info, but I'm betting that Jay McCarroll is the winner. Having Wendy win would be, like, sooooo gross.

Battlestar Galactica gets renewed for season 2. The re-envisioning of the series has been great and knowing that more is coming down the pipe is even better.

That's two in's and no out's for the day so far. That's even better than an architect's wet-cement dream. Better quit while I'm ahead.

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