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Unless you are oblivious to the sports world, the term 'juiced' is being used a lot lately in regards to Major League Baseball players. There was a lot of speculation with the recent BALCO grand jury hearing, where a lot of big names are telling the truth.

He didn't say he thought he was ingesting pine nuts, or sunscreen, or disinfectant. He didn't dance around the truth like the rest of the BALCO all-stars did (allegedly, of course). He took a deep breath and told his story. The whole story.

Yes, Jason Giambi, was one to tell it like it is. Is he sorry, or sorry he told the truth? The most recent event to cause MLB it's biggest headache is a book written by Jose Canseco. Now, Jose has an agenda here. He has stated again and again that baseball blackballed him and that everyone in the game is juiced up (well 80 percent). He's pissed at the sport that he thinks he gave a lot to, and what did he get back? Nothing.

On Sunday, Mike Wallace will interview Canseco on 60 Minutes, and it should prove entertaining. The critics have bashed Canseco already for what he's said, so I wouldn't be surprized to see a bunch of players saying that they are not 'juiced'.

Speaking of being 'juiced', something is not right when the opening of a furniture store causes a riot.

Throughout the day we had been treated so well. The staff had handed out tea and coffee as well as food and everybody was in a good mood. But when they opened the door everybody just charged. I was pushed over and twisted my ankle and my cousin was thrown to the floor.

Okay, that sounds like crazy shoppers looking for a bargain.

Luckily we were given vouchers guaranteeing that we would get a sofa but for everybody else it was total chaos. My friend had grabbed a leather sofa only to have to give it up to a man who threatened her with a wooden mallet. There were people diving on sofas and lying on them and others pulling them off with their feet. There were people tugging at two different sides of the same sofa and shouting 'mine, mine'. It was just horrible. People were going crazy.

Maybe they were passing out 'juiced' up coffee. Hmmmmm.

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