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Not Bored With Board, Games That Is


board games

Board games, are they still hot, or have they been replaced by computer games, consoles, and internet games? It's not always easy to get a group together for a good board game, but when it happens, it's great.

Last Friday I attended a get together, where we played video games and ended up with a great board game of Settlers of Catan. This wasn't something I had the chance to do much of lately, but something that I loved doing with my friend?s back in high school and college. Video games were fun, but nothing beat the all-night sessions of Monopoly, Risk, or Axis and Allies. There was the human element that you simply cannot get these days over the internet. There's the excitement of seeing the look on someone's face as you beat them in the game, there's the joking that goes around, there's the munching on junk food.

At my office some of us try to get together for dinners and games too. With these we usually don't have the time for long games, but ones like Cranium and Trivial Pursuit work well, especially when you need a group to play. Sitting around in a group watching a movie is never as much fun as a good board game. So, the next time you have a group together and you are a little bored, pull out a good board [game].

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Brad said:

I LOVE THOSE MEMORIES!!!! I was just talking about those days with somebody. Great times.

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