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Pa-ris Syn-drome

Paris Syndrome, yeah we've got it. Get ready to say that's hot, because just like the Survivor hotties, this week the girls show that getting real is tough. No, not plastic surgery, but getting hacked or was she? Not the wack Shaq phones, but the regular T-Mobile ones are being targeted:

T-Mobile subscribers can access their e-mail, contacts and photos through a website protected by a user name and password. Given Hilton's less-than-savvy reputation, the favorite candidate for her secret password is "tinkerbell" -- as in one of her pet pooches.

So the word is, don't use passwords that people can guess. And that tip of the day, is hot.

Project Runway ended last night and just as I said before Jay McCarroll was the winner. What started as a simply interesting show turned out to be one of my favorite reality show's lately. Jay was right, watching bitchy designers getting bitchy with each other, really was fun to watch.

The other show that has been really good is the new Battlestar Galactica, which just announced that season 2 is in the works and will be shown this summer. Executive producer, Ron Moore has a blog where he anwsers questions and talks about the show. Good stuff.

I guess since I'm on a TV run, Lost has also been pretty good. I'm not sure if I like the direction that show has gone, but it's still pretty interesting. Burning the raft was a no-brainer:

Walt, why did you burn the raft?

And without hesitation:

Because the show would suck if any of us were rescued, duh!

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