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Does Anyone Really Like Business Card CDs?


business card cds

Yesterday there was a lunch-time presentation with good food, lot's of colorful brochures and also, business card cds. Yeah, those cds that are small enough to fit into your wallet, and are enjoyed for their portability and slick design. Often times, they are less expensive than a full sized CD. Well, those are the buzz words for these things that seem to be passed out like unwanted Halloween candy.

Sure these things come with transparent sleeves, but where in the world am I supposed to put these things once I've viewed the miniscule content? They are bigger than business cards and really, how many times do I need to view the content. I understand the potential for giving a client something on there that's personal and relevant, but why not just use a regular sized CD, that most people already have storage for. When these business card CDs are just marketing tools, they are often watch once, and toss. With the internet being able to deliver rich content these small CDs are not needed.

When you are handed a brochure, it's possible to skim it quickly and decide if it's worth keeping or handing back with a "no thanks". With business card CDs you have to goto your computer and try them out before you realize it's something you are just going to toss anyway. More garbage it not what we need and neither are business card CDs. Keep them in your wallet, don't give them to me!

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Jon said:

Man, somebody actually gave you one in all seriousness? That's so 1999!

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