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Worst Of The Best In Bend


worst of the best

Websites that is. I've noticed that some of my favorite businesses in Bend have some really bad websites. It raises the issue of do you really need a website? Or maybe, if you are going to have one, you better atleast make it good. So with that said here's my candidates for vol. 1:

Microsphere Computers: This one has really boggled me. Either they figure if you are going online for computer info, they are going to have a hard time competing with mass retailing giants like Dell and Gateway, but my point is they advertise the site on business cards and in the Yellow Pages, so that makes no sense at all, or maybe they are just extreme minimalists.

Pilot Butte Drive-In: Hands down the best hamburgers on the face of the planet (and trust me I've looked hard). The content is not bad, but the presentation bites. The bottom of the site gives me horrid flashbacks to websites from 1995 when everyone stuck all the banners and buttons on a page, simply because they could. The spinning email link is almost worthy of being on the joke CSS Zen Garden page Geocities 1996. Simple and clean, this page is not.

Goody's : Chocolate lovers probably feel like they are in Euphoria when they step inside Goody's. They care and craft and perfection that go into their candies and ice cream are not showcased on this site. Sure, it could be worse, but the presentation is plain ugly. Brown can work in a color theme, but obviously the designer of this site didn't understand color theory well enough to use it. The photos look like they are floating in space, almost like someone threw them into the air and wherever they landed was it. This website is not Goody Good.

Chan's Chinese: This site gets the almost got it nod. The layout is pretty clean and I like the presentation. There's that weaved background that's fine for the overall background, but behind text it looks pretty bad. The part about the almost got it not refers to once you hit view source, you see a riddled mess of font tags, and tables. I'll let the tables slide, but if there's ever a reason to use CSS for text formatting, this is a site that deserves it. Not an ugly site, just one that could benefit by CSS and web standards a bit.

Sunnyside Sports: They get a nod of approval for this site. The overall presentation isn't prefect, but the navagation is easy, the content is rich and the site has a nice overall theme and attitude. Just check out the About Us page. Simply brilliant photos.

You don't have to be big to have a great site, but nothing makes you smaller than having an ugly one that doesn't serve a purpose or achieve the one you've already set.

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Jake said:

There are some really awful websites around here, that's for sure. I think what boggles me the most, just like you, is the tech companies that are trying to sell you net/technology stuff, but can't even get their own site even REMOTELY functional.

Granted, I'm being slightly hypocritical here, as and are, for the most part, non-existant.

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