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Road Trip: Spring Break Edition



It's been a while since the family and myself made a road trip, but things worked out well so we headed out on Sunday for Ashland. Our first destination was the city of Ashland Oregon which mainly features Southern Oregon University and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This was our second trip to Ashland, the first being to see a Shakespeare play, and this time to visit my wife's oldest son who now lives here.

We didn't stay very long in Ashland, exploring the city a little more and playing in Lithia Park, which has a lot of nice water features and also features some vintage steel merry-go-rounds. It was almost like a trip back in time to when I was in grade school. The biggest difference was these were located over dirt, rather than the asphalt playground from my old schools. It was pretty cool being able to tell my daughter, that these were the cool playground toy and she found them very fun. It was a true moment of I LOVE THE 80's.

Our next destination was the city of Yachats, Oregon which is 25 miles north of Florence, Oregon where my wife's mom lives. At our motel in Yachats the first thing you notice on the door inside your room is the Tsunami warnings, which make you think twice about wanting to live so close to the ocean.

We got to play on a bunch of different beach areas between Yachats and Florence. There were a bunch of Sea Lions that we saw swimming around in a rocky portion of an area called Strawberry Hill. We did some kite flying, with out last time having greater winds that made us think twice about keeping the kite in the air more than a few minutes.

Yesterday we made the drive back home, with the knowledge that there had been fresh snow back home in Bend. I wasn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of driving over the mountain pass with new snow, but we lucked out that there were only flurries and the roads were bare. About 60 miles past Eugene one of my wiper-blades bit it, and somehow the slightly upscale country store (Harbick's) near the turnoff to the Tokatee Golf Course had a complete wiper blade for less than I would expect to pay at Wal-Mart. That was almost as shocking as finding the steel merry-go-round in Ashland.

All in all, there was 840 miles of driving, too much junk food and it went by too quickly. I miss it already.

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