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Paris Hilton Everywhere!


Paris setting us straight

Unless you've been living under a rock, or perhaps in a lifestyle that has some class, you might not have noticed that Paris Hilton is everywhere. No, she's not in an amateur film on the net again, but she's showing she's got tech-savvy skills now. When she's not trying to just look hot, she's Terminator hot, with a puppy in one hand and a Sony PSP in the other. Sure, her Blackberry got hacked, but that's not scary her from the world of high fashion and high-tech.

Everyone who knows anything knows that Podcasting is hot. And The Queen of Hot says so too. Get ready hotties, the Paris Hilton Podcast is coming soon. Don't have an iPod, but want the true Paris Hilton Podcast experience? Don't fret, make one out of mashed potatoes and win the real deal and that would be hot.

If Paris just doesn't do it for you, don't fear, eBay yourself a monkey flask and dream of a new way of putting a twist on the old classics. That would be hot too.

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