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Car pooling

"Five cents a gallon to drive my car", is what my parent's neighbor said the other day. The idea is take a diesel car and convert it to a greasecar, so to speak. Get yourself an old Benz, slap a conversion kit on it for about $1,000 and instead of driving to the gas station every week, you'll be hitting KFC. Might help your wallet more than your waistline.

Today marked my start of bicycle commuting to work again. Last year I was able to start a few weeks earlier, but damn it's hard to get motivated when it's hovering around the 30 degree mark. Of course it's easier when gas is hovering around the $2.56 a gallon mark. While I really am not biking simply to reduce gas use, it's a nice feeling knowing that it's just a bonus that comes along with it.

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aaron said:

i rode my bike most of the way to work last friday. i say "most" because my rear cogs broke about a mile away from my building. it was a beautiful morning for a walk :\

i hope you have better luck.

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