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Someone's Been Chewing On My Pens


pen chewers anonymous

I am not a pen/pencil chewer. Too me they just aren't tasty enough to stick in my mouth. People chew pens and pencils and I really don't have a problem with that, but when you chew MY pens that's another matter. Honestly, would you walk up to someone in your office and stick his or her fingers in your mouth? Probably not, so why stick a pen, which they’ve been using with, perhaps, dirty hands. You sneeze and pick up a pen and write something down. It's the same as licking your keyboard. Generally, not a very good idea. So, the fact is someone is chewing pens on my desk other than me (not that I do it anyway). These days is it P/C to confront someone and ask them to stop chewing your pens. These are office provided pens, so it's not like my Mont Blanc is getting gnarled up like a grizzly bear used it.

What's the number for Pen Chewers Anonymous? I guess I could be nice and say, "Here's a Woody for you to chew on", or even "Thanks for cleaning the ear-wax off my pens!".

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Brad said:

It wasn't me, though I am an admitted pen/pencil chewer.

shannon said:

you've been added!

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