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Turn Off The TV....I Don't Think So!


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Today marks the start of TV Turn Off Week for 2005:

TV Turnoff Week is no ordinary social ritual. The goal is simple: to shake up routines and get people questioning the role of TV in their lives.

Of course why do they always do these sort of things when there's so much good tv on. I mean playoff basketball, 24, the winding down of The Amazing Race and The Apprentice, Survivor... Damn addiction is hard to admit.

Can't help yourself? Well, the TV-B-GONE might do the trick, of course if someone clicks that during the final minutes of a game, or when Probst is about to read the votes, they might get on of these from me.

Is TV really all that bad? Is it really rotting your brain or making you smarter? I guess that depends on what shows you watch. Health wise, does it really matter what you watch? Sitting on your butt is sitting on your butt no matter how you look at it. Is being a couch potato as bad as we first thought? Maybe so, maybe not. Why blame the TV when you can blame urban expansion? The point is, blame something, just not the TV.

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Andy said:

Like anything good, moderation is key. We found ourselves just watching TV out of habbit, not because anything good was on. Now our family has been without cable or antena for 3 years and don't miss it. Netfix dvds serve as a nice intermitent dose of things we actually want to watch.

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