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For all the news that's fit to print. Well, what a week or craziness that just seems to keep rolling. Last Friday was my writing deadline for my Archvoices final submission, and frankly, that took a lot out of me. There were lots and lots of editing and trimming down and now there's the waiting period, but at least I wrapped up this part.

Fresh news: Pac Man turns 25, but he sure looks older. For some reason I feel lucky not remembering the Pac Man Fever song.

The news reports that next week the newest Star Wars film hits the screens. These mid-week openers are interesting and frustrating at the same time:

With opening day falling on a Thursday, instead of the traditional Friday premiere, we are looking at two days of 'Star Wars'-induced absenteeism.

I still haven't decided when I will see this movie, but I do know that I want to. PG13? Now we're talking. Get ready for the not so little Annie, to tell Obi-Wan to 'kiss his ass'. Woooo... couldn't do that with a PG rating.

News about trash isn't always just about trash:

To Americans struggling with sorting trash into a few categories, Japan may provide a foretaste of daily life to come. In a national drive to reduce waste and increase recycling, neighborhoods, office buildings, towns and megalopolises are raising the number of trash categories - sometimes to dizzying heights.

While this seems like a good idea, adding more and more rules and regulations often causes people to say, 'screw it':

In Yokohama, after a few neighborhoods started sorting last year, some residents stopped throwing away their trash at home. Garbage bins at parks and convenience stores began filling up mysteriously with unsorted trash.

We don't even have this sort of regulation now and people are out in 'the woods' dumping trash. Add some more rules and requirements for the people who already are playing by the rules will only frustrate them, and for people who were on the fence (so to speak) about following the rules, this might push them into dumping their trash in forest land or hitting retailers refuse bins. A system that just adds more rules and fines will find there are many who don't want to follow them or can't afford to. Time to remember K.I.S.S. is usually best.

And the big question of the week: What Did Jesus Christ Look Like As A Child? Geeky.

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