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All It Took Was An Old-Fashioned Phone Call To Reach Paris HIlton


phone call

...well, her cell phone at least. Looks like those high-tech hackers who were believed to behind Paris Hilton's cell phone hack, turned out to use a not-so high-tech approach to breach security:

Computer security flaws played a role in the attack, which exploited a programming glitch in the Web site of Hilton's cell phone provider, Bellevue, Wash.-based T-Mobile International. But one young hacker who claimed to have been involved in the data theft said the crime only succeeded after one member of a small group of hackers tricked a T-Mobile employee into divulging information that only employees are supposed to know.

Just something for these large companies to consider when they make most of their jobs minimum wage with little training or incentives of future promotions.

Speaking of promotion and Paris Hilton, it sure looks like Carl's Jr. brings out the skank in you, or at least it did for Paris. An upcoming ad which is rather racy for a burger joint:

Paris Hilton likes her burgers spicy. The hotel heiress, actress, jewelry designer and entrepreneur will star in a television commercial next week in which she will slap suds on the side of a Bentley automobile and chomp on a thick burger while clad in a skimpy black bathing suit.

I wonder if the kids meal comes with a Paris Hilton mini-thong? I mean, the kids just love her.

The next bit was someone my father sent me in a email for this site. You know there's something weird going on when your parents read your blog site and actually get it. So, onto the story:

Minnesota Vikings running back Onterrio Smith, caught recently with a device called `The Original Whizzinator' that is designed to beat drug tests, will miss the rest of the team's offseason program for undisclosed reasons.

Yep, The Original Whizzinator well help you pass those pesky drug tests with ease. Just whip out your fake penis and fill the cup with fake urine. What can I say, oh what can I say?

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