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You Better Have AFLAC! For Those Pesky Lightsaber Wounds


Aflac and the Dark Side

Friday night was the night for the viewing of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. What can I say? It was.......okay? What! Blasphemy screams Yoda. "You will like this film, you will." Well, all in all it wasn't bad, but was it one of the greatest Star Wars films? No.

Without writing a lot about what happened I'll just focus on stuff that bugged me:

General Grievous was a bad dude, but what's with the voice? I reminded me of cheesy Flash projects that mock these types of movies. Was that really the best Lucas could do? Speaking of voices, why not have more foreign languages. I mean EVERYBODY speaks English.

Jedi are pretty badass, but they sure can't see a sneak attack coming can they?

The end felt very rushed to finish explaining stuff and some stuff came out of nowhere to make a connection to the retro Star Wars

What the hell happens to the planet, with the Jedi temple?

Okay, okay, I understand these movies are not supposed to be very deep, but will these last three films measure up compared to the first three? Did they really help tell the story we were missing? Was it worth waiting 20 years for this? I guess George Lucas and his fat wallet will respond: HELL YEAH!

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