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The End, Something New And Something Blue


the end, something new and something blue

A three-day weekend is good. A three-day weekend with lots of BBQ is even better. I probably didn't win bonus points though when my daughter asked what Memorial Day was about: "It's when we honor the poor souls who died trying to use the BBQ grill." Don't worry, my wife already hit me on the head for that.

TV, TV and more TV. Well, that's what it felt like, but all the shows wrapped up their finale episodes and besides playoff basketball, my life feels like I have gained some new freedom. Of course that will probably come to an end in the fall, but for now I'll enjoy the warmer weather and look forward to Lost season two, 24, and those damned reality shows. I guess this summer won't be 100% tv free with MONK and Battlestar Galactica.

Now for something completely different:

Oil Can Boyd returns!

Is someone eating your tasty Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Rather than scream out loud with rage at the culprit, show them you mean business with your very own pint lock. It's a good thing people write letters and care about there Ben & Jerry's, because without them the world would not be a better place.

Ever misplace your panties? Okay, maybe that's not what this is for, but an interesting idea (excuse the pun).

Darth Tater is a badass.

So it turns out you can go blind playing with your *ehem* self. I guess the details just never were released until now. I guess this means the score is young people - 1, old people - 0.

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