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Pink and the moon

I remember the mysteries and excitement the first time I went exploring on USENET. Thousands and thousands of groups with every topic imaginable existed. It was great for talking with people and learning stuff about subjects you were interested in. Back in 1994, web pages took more work to make and they weren't as easy to find (mind you this was back when Yahoo was about it and it wasn't that great). USENET was personal and fast to use.

Some of the groups that I enjoyed following the most were related to bands I liked. The three I followed with a passion were,, and From my perspective this was like coming from the dark ages of information on bands to the frontline. I didn't follow music magazines much, so usually I had little info about what was going on, what was coming up and things that might happen someday. Probably the most theoretical group was the Pink Floyd one. There were posts about The Dark Side of The Moon and playing it during the Wizard of Oz, talk about hidden meanings in album cover artwork, mainly the publius enigma. While all this was being posted there was always an occasional post about the band uniting. This was one of those things that you honestly believed would not happen. As cool as it sounded, when aging music personalities who've spilt on bad terms, go there separate ways, they usually do it for a reason: they hate each other. With that said, why would you honestly want them to come back together and relive why the broke up in the first place?

The Eagles did it 1994 with the Hell Freezes Over Tour, proving that it can work. The sad fact is a lot of these reunions are simply from the fact that the money wasn't that good back in the 1970's and 1980's and when it runs out you need to make more. What's the best way for a band to make money? Tour, sell merchandise and make more albums. It would be nice to think that bands coming back together was purely motivated by wanting to give the fans more, but it's probably not the case. With that said:

Pink Floyd will play together for the first time in 24 years at London's Live 8 charity concert for Africa on July 2.

In other less classy news:

Paris Hilton's ad is getting the job done. Sex does sell. Like we didn't already know that, duh!

It looks like porn webmasters aren't as open as the thighs of the visual aspects of their sites. I guess when you're at the PTA meeting at your school and the principal asks what you do for a living, answering "Photoshopping women for my porn site" doesn't sound so good.

I guess it could be worse, you could be walking around with your thong sticking out to market your site. I'm not sure if Paris would say that's hot or not.

What about making underwear from your old t-shirts? I'm thinking that my old t-shirts usually already have holes and are worn out. Why start a fresh pair of underwear with that? Not hot.

Got a rank? Just want to yell it out, but maybe you are a little too shy to do that? Well, just look at this, the One Free Minute will let you do that, all from the comfort of your home. Couch potato soap boxing has taken off.

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